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We also want to send our appreciation to the Harpoon Brewery in Boston, MA for their continued support. Their partnership with us at both the Harpoon's Summer Session and Oktoberfest is invaluable. At both events, the Blazers are given an opportunity to show able bodied people how it is to shoot a free throw from a wheelchair. The bi-annual Wheelchair Basketball Shootout continues to be a popular attraction for Harpoon customers. Not only do the Blazers raise some funds, but the people who come to the events seem to have a great time. The following slide shows gives you an idea of the fun had by all.
Summer Session and Octoberfest at the Harpoon
Brewery was another great success
enjoy the slide show
Harpoon 1
Exhibition at Endicott College
Will Archibald Tournament 1 2016
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Will Archibald Tournament 2 2016
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The Blazers have been busy all summer fundraising for the new season which started in September.



Special Thanks to the following who helped in our Fundraising efforts.



Randolph Lions

Endicott College of Beverly

Assumption College

UMass Lowell

Please make sure to visit the Season Schedule page and make plans to come see the Blazers play. We appreciate your attendence and support.