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2017 - 2018 Season


Paralympic Carnival @ W.P.I. Sept. 2nd


Exhibition @ Endicott College Oct. 2nd


Matthew Sapolin Tournament (NY) Oct. 14-15

Rochester Wheels 41 vs. NE Blazers 29   

WSF NY Liberty 25  vs.  NE Blazers 42  

Brooklyn Nets 43  vs.  NE Blazers 21  

Semifinals Rochester 42  vs.  Blazers 29 


Exhibition @ UMass Lowell Oct. 20


Al Youakim Tournament (NJ) Oct. 28-29

                                                                                                    Blazers 43  vs.  Lady Liberty 35

Blazers  36  vs.  Bulova Nets  38

                                      Blazers  36  vs.  Brockton Celtics  28                         

     Blazers  35  vs.  Lady Liberty  17

                                 Blazers  30  vs.  Brooklyn Nets  34  (3rd place game) 


Connecticut Conference Tournament Nov 12

  Axis Knights  14  vs.  NE Blazers  60

  CT Spokebenders  38  vs.  NE Blazers  33

  Brooklyn Nets  46  vs.  NE Blazers  49


Blazers  vs.  Connecticut @ Springfield College Dec 2 3:00p


Blazers Memorial Tournament Dec. 9-10


9:30a Brockton Celtics  vs. CT Spokebenders

11:00a  NE Blazers  vs.  Axis Knights

12:30p  Brockton Celtics  vs.  Bulova Nets

2:30p NE Blazers  vs.  Bulova Nets

4:00p NE Blazers  vs.  CT Spokebenders

5:30p  Axis Knights  vs.  CT Spokebenders

7:00p  Axis Knights  vs. Bulova Nets 


9:00a  NE Blazers  vs.  Brockton Celtics

10:30a  Bulova Nets  vs.  CT Spokebenders

12:30p  Brockton Celtics  vs. Axis Knights

2:00p Chapter 126 CT Suns  vs. Knights or Blazers (exhibition game)

3:30p  Chapter 126 CT Suns  vs.  NE Blazers  (exhibition game)   


Exhibition@ Worcester State Jan 3rd

Brooklyn Nets Tournament Jan. 13-14

Brockton Celtics Tournament Jan. 21 - 22

  Carousel House Tournament  March 3-4

 Blazers Conference Tournament (TBA)

6 wins - 6 losses



  All Games in red are played at the Brockton VA Medical Center (building 23)

Exit 17A off of Route 24

 940 Belmont St. (Route 123), Brockton, Ma.